Our strengths

Flexible solutions and quality

Our competitive advantages are especially fast negotiations and the quality of provided staff. Thanks to many years of experience and willingness, with a highly individual approach, we guarantee both - high reliability and superior flexibility of employees.

Low staff turnover

Our advantage is the very low turnover of our employees, which is achieved by creating quality conditions in respect of remuneration and care for our employees.


We are currently employing more than 1,500 workers. We have a lot of experience in providing our clients with workers and we are ready to deal with any situations.

Caring for our clients and employees

Providing comfort for our clients and employees is the main concern of our company. We have created our own system of care through a network of Client managers and coordinators, even leaders. One Client manager and, according to the number of employees, an appropriate number of coordinators are assigned for each company. They are in daily contact with our employees and masters (according to the client's needs) in order to ensure continuity of production and client, as well as employees' satisfaction.


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